An important plan of maintenance for Condor Ferries' fleet during Winter 2015-16

Alongside the introduction of HSC Condor Liberation, Condor Ferries has decide to update its visual identity, choosing Pink and Yellow as its predominant colours instead of Blue and Red. Winter 2015-2016 will be the opportunity for Condor Ferries to update its entire fleet to the new visual identity, whilst maintaining its three other ships.

Antoine H. and Benjamin H.

HSC Condor Liberation entering St-Malo's Harbour.
HSC Condor Liberation in Saint-Malo. Picture Antoine H.

A general overhaul for the Commodores

With the enforcement of the Marpol Convention on 1st January 2015, the percentage of Sulphur in the ships' exhaust authorised has been divided by 10. Therefore, the Ships can't burn Fuel Oil unless being equipped either with Gas Engines or with Exhaust Scrubbers, which are devices which wash the exhausts using water in order to curb the content of Sulphur in the exhausts. Condor Ferries has decided to purchase Exhaust Scrubbers for M/V Commodore Clipper and M/V Commodore Goodwill.

However, in order to install those devices, both ships will need to go to Dry Dock for one month. During this dry docking period, Scrubbers will be installed, and moreover, the ships' engines will be overhauled (which is unavoidable when you install such devices) and they will be repainted to Condor Ferries' new visual identity.

However, owing to Scrubbers being delivered behind schedule, the initial plan had to be reviewed. Therefore, M/V Commodore Clipper had to go back to Dry Dock from 11th November to 14th December in order to enable the installation of the new scrubbers. M/V Commodore Goodwill, which was in Dry Dock during October will go back there between the 19th of June and the 3rd of July in order to complete the installation of the scrubbers.

A new livery for HSC Condor Rapide

At the end of December, HSC Condor Rapide will be the last in the fleet to still wearing Condor Ferries former visual identity. However, she will be repainted in January 2016 during a Dry Dock in Falmouth in order to wear Condor Ferries' new visual identity. She will then be maintained again for 10 days in March in order to enable the completion of minor works.

HSC Condor Liberation in Saint-Malo

On 20th of October 2015, HSC Condor Liberation made her maiden arrival in Saint-Malo in order to perform berthing trials, prior to her introduction in commercial service on the St-Malo - Channel Islands route scheduled in January, replacing HSC Condor Rapide which will be in Dry Dock at this time.

Moreover, HSC Condor Liberation will benefit from two pit stops in January and then in March in order to enable Condor Ferries to perform a careenage and a overhaul to her engines, to enhance her reliability prior to the 2016 Summer season.