About Us

Our History

In May 2015, two friends, Antoine and Loïc, who are both ferries enthusiasts, decided to create together a Facebook page in which they will share with their followers the latest news on Maritime Transportation in Brittany, called Transports Marins Bretons.

However, since the beginning, they have been wanting to create a website which would be dedicated to the story of the companies that serves Brittany, including the complete history of their fleet. However, one thing leading to another, they have decided whilst creating the website to extend its geographic coverage to other territories, including more and more companies...

They were joined at Summer 2015 by another associate, Benjamin, that does only manages our YouTube channel.


The French Edition of our website was released in December 2015, which the English Edition released on 31st August 2016, called Brittany Seas Ships. On this website whose quality keeps improving, we would like to provide quality objective exhaustive informations. Therefore, we keep updating our website to improve our pages. However, our visitors will be very welcomed to send us an email if they find any mistake on our website: it will be a pleasure to fix it for you.

Our Editors

Brittany Seas Ships is published by three Ferry Enthusiasts that are not linked with any company we mention. Therefore, we are independent from the companies we mention.

If you want to know more about our editors, please read the pages that are dedicated to them.


We would like to thanks the following persons for having permitted us using the informations and pictures they provide on their Websites and Facebook Pages on Brittany Seas Ships:


Brittany Ferries Ships is a compilation of informations found on outside sources and of our own observations and knowledges.

Therefore, we pay attention quoting all of our sources at the bottom of each page. We also do our best to contact all the authors of the websites we use to write our pages to ask them their permission to do so, and we really thanks them for their collaboration.


Brittany Seas Ships is edited by French citizens, and therefore complies with French legislation about Authors rights. If you would like to use some of our informations, you will be very welcome to send us an email asking us for permission.

Except when otherwise stated, Brittany Seas Ships is available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 licence. However, you are asked to enquire us on the details to use our informations on your own website.

Pictures made by either of our authors can not be used without prior permission, apart from the companies that operated the ships pictured, that can use them freely provided they credit our pictures as follow : Name of the Author - Brittany Seas Ships.