Antoine Hurtaut - Editor-in-Chief

Short Biography

Antoine Hurtaut onboard Princess Seaways in July 2016.
Antoine Hurtaut in 2016.

Antoine Hurtaut is a specialist of Public Transportation policies, and an enthusiasts of Ferries. He is also the member of a French Political Party, the Mouvement Démocrate, and therefore has strong beliefs in Sustainable Development, Europe and Democracy.


He becomes a ferry enthusiasts in 2003, when he first boarded a ferry. That was on board Val de Loire, on a trip to Ireland. Therefore, he has a really special relation with Val de Loire, which is still today is favourite ship.


Born in Parisian Region, he is a student in the Institute of Political Studies of Rennes (Brittany - known as Sciences Po Rennes) after having lived in Saint-Malo.

Antoine has a diploma in the teaching of sea kayak, and a Baccalaureat, in the Economic and Social section.

He has worked in 2016 with the Guernsey Ferry Watchers Group to advise on a new deal for Guernsey sea links.

His Interests

Antoine is mainly interested in the policies and management of the ferry companies to serve territories. He is also interested in the History of these ferry companies and of their ships.


His favourite ship is King Seaways, followed by Princess Seaways and Bretagne. When we comes to design, his favourite ships would be Cap Finistere and Fjord Line's Stavengerfjord and Bergensfjord.

The Ship he has sailed on board

Antoine has mainly sailed with Brittany Ferries, but he has also sailed with Condor Ferries and DFDS Seaways among others.

His Role on Brittany Seas Ships

Antoine is the Editor-in-Chief of Brittany Seas Ships since May 2015. He has therefore written most of the website's pages and also coordinates the team.

He is in charge of the relations with other websites and with the ferries companies.

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