Loïc Pialat (Co-Founder)

Loïc Pialat is a true enthusiast of computerised 3D-modelling and of Brittany Ferries. He first met Brittany Ferries during a school trip in Roscoff in early-2006, during which he first met Val de Loire.

Born in the centre of France, in Auvergne, he now lives in Brest, an hour from Roscoff. He studies English at the University of Western Brittany.

His Interests

Loïc enjoys modelling ships on 3D using Sketchup. He models real ships but sometimes imagines his owns for his virtual company Breizh Ferries.


Among his favourite ships, we find Armorique (2), Epsilon and Pont Aven. He has also liked Cap Finistere's design before she was equipped with scrubbers.

His nautical experience

Loic has more seen from ashore ships than sailed onboard. Actually, he has already seen Armorique (2), Bretagne, Étretat and Val de Loire (respectfully in 2015, 2012, 2015 and 2006).

He has however sailed twice onboard Pont Aven in 2014, which has been the first time he boarded a ferry. Whilst leaving Roscoff, he witnessed a "Horn Battle" between Armorique (2) and Pont Aven.

His role in Brittany Seas Ships

Loic is Brittany Seas Ships co-founder with Antoine. He mainly helps him in the redaction of the website and also gives his opinion about the website's future.