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Brittany Ferries. EFlexer ferries to be named Galicia and Salamanca

Brittany Ferries has just unveiled the first of its two-commissioned E-Flexer class RoPax ferries will be named Galicia and Salamanca.


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Brittany Ferries orders another new ferry for its UK - Spain services

Brittany Ferries orders a second Stena E-Flexer class RoPax ferry for its Portsmouth - Spain services.
An artist impression of the E-Flexer class vessel in its Brittany Ferries livery. Courtesy Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries unveils today it has reached an agreement with Stena Line AB for the commission of a second E-Flexer class vessel, with the first (ordered a few months ago) to be delivered for Summer 2021, a year later than initially planed.

As the her already-ordered sister, the new E-Flexer Class RoPax ferry will be chartered from Stena Line AB for an initial 5-year period with an option or purchase.

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Brittany Ferries launches new services to Ireland

M/V Connemara, le Visentini-class vessel which will be chartered to reinforce Brittany Ferries’s Irish routes.
M/V Connemara, a Visentini-class vessel which will be chartered to reinforce Brittany Ferries’s Irish routes. Courtesy Brittany Ferries.
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An out-of-common cruise aboard Normandie

Normandie leaving Portsmouth's harbour, en route to Ouistreham

Brittany Ferries’ work horse Normandie began service back in May 1992, on the Ouistreham - Portsmouth for which she has been built. It mean she has kept sailing on this route for 25 years, up to three times a day with the reliability of a Swiss clock. Built to accommodate the growing numbers of passengers traveling to Normandy, she still looks very modern, despite her age.

Willing to make something relaxing throughout a mid-August week end, we decided to make a cruise with Brittany Ferries. That was an occasion to sail aboard a workhorse we haven’t given the attention she deserves the last time we sailed on her five years ago.

A travel report (text and pictures) by Antoine and Benjamin.

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Brittany Ferries to operate another new ship in 2020

Brittany Ferries is to operate the third vessel of the Stena Line's E-Flexer class
An artist view of the new Stena Line's E-Flexer class vessels. Courtesy Deltamarin

Brittany Ferries has confirmed to our colleagues from Shippax it will charter from Stena Line a new vessel for its popular Spain - Great Britain route beginning 2020.

Antoine Hurtaut

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Brittany Ferries commissions M/V Honfleur

An artist impression of Brittany Ferries' new ship, which is to be christen M/V Honfleur in April 2019.
Artist impression of M/V HONFLEUR, released on19th June. Courtesy Brittany Ferries.

Brittany Ferries has announced during a press conference hold on 19th June it has ordered to the German shipyard Flensburger Schiffbau Gesellschaft its new state-of-the-art cruise ferry for its popular Ouistreham – Portsmouth service.

Antoine H.

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Brittany Ferries' new ship to be bunkered by Total

An artist impresion of Brittany Ferries' new ship,, which is expected to serve the Ouistreham - Portsmouth route from 2019.
Artist impression of Brittany Ferries' new ship. Picture Brittany Ferries.

Earlier this month, Brittany Ferries has announced it has chosen Total to bunker its new LNG-powered ship, which is expected to be ordered in the coming weeks.

Antoine H.

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A trip to Portsmouth #1: fifty shades of great

In a previous travel report, I wrote I was unlikely to sail abord Bretagne soon. However, I soon really missed my favourite ship on the British Channel. Therefore, our YouTube-channel manager and I wanted to sail aboard her to Portsmouth once again (it is my eigth crossings aboard), in order to propose you a new report of our favourite. Besides, we also decided to spend a few days in Portsmouth, to which we will dedicate a further report.


Travel pictures and pictures by Antoine.

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Brittany Ferries. A new LNG-powered ship to be built

An artist impression of the new LNG-powered ship which is to be delivered to Brittany Ferries by 2019 to replace Normandie.
An artist impression of the new ship of Brittany Ferries. Picture Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries has just unveiled it is to order shortly a new LNG-powered ship for its Ouistreham - Portsmouth service. This new ship is to be delivered by 2019.

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Brittany Ferries. A project to replace Normandie

An artist impression of Pegasis. Picture STX France.
An artist impression of Pegasis. Picture STX France.

A few weeks ago, the president of the executive board of Brittany Ferries' announced that the future of the company has been blurred by the Brexit, owing to the uncertainty it has created on the cross-channel market. Therefore, nonetheless the age of two of the company's ships, the company announced it is unable to order new ships to replace them.

However, it is now reported that the company would have decided in its last meeting of its supervisory board, its subsidiary SOMANOR would order by early-2017 a new ship for its Ouistreham - Portsmouth route. This ship, that may be powered by LNG-engines, is likely to be introduced at Spring 2019.

Antoine H.

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