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Some #GoodTimes on board HSC Condor Liberation

HSC Condor Liberation, Condor Ferries' flagship entering St-Malo harbour.
HSC Condor Liberation entering St-Malo's harbour, picture Antoine H.

One year ago, the HSC Condor Liberation was introduced on the route connecting the Channel Islands and the UK replacing HSC Condor Express and HSC Condor Vitesse. During the winter season, when HSC Condor Rapide, the remaining 86m catamaran built par Incat in the late-90s still owned by Condor Ferries, undergoes essential maintenance, the HSC Condor Liberation operates a through UK – France service.


The HSC Condor Liberation was initially given a warm welcome by the public, but soon became unpopular owing to teething problems and allege problems of stability whatever the sea conditions.


Our team had been wanting to try the HSC Condor Liberation to make up our own mind, that's why we decided to cross between Jersey and St-Malo on 12th March. On that day, the weather conditions were clement, with no more than 0.50cm waves and almost no wind, the crossing was to be perfect as the crew said before departure. Here is our report about HSC Condor Liberation.


A Travel report from Antoine.

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An important plan of maintenance for Condor Ferries' fleet during Winter 2015-16

Alongside the introduction of HSC Condor Liberation, Condor Ferries has decide to update its visual identity, choosing Pink and Yellow as its predominant colours instead of Blue and Red. Winter 2015-2016 will be the opportunity for Condor Ferries to update its entire fleet to the new visual identity, whilst maintaining its three other ships.

Antoine H. and Benjamin H.

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Welcome in Saint-Malo, HSC Condor Liberation

HSC Condor Liberation making a U-Turn before entering St-Malo's harbour.
HSC Condor Liberation entering Saint-Malo's harbour. Picture Antoine H.
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Condor Ferries installs exhaust scrubbers on both Commodore

In order to meet the latest European regulations about the percentage of Sulphur in the ship's exhausts, Condor Ferries has just published its plan in order to install scrubbers on M/V Commodore Clipper and M/V Commodore Goodwill.

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