Chartered Ships

On the purpose of replacing ships that were being maintained or coping with seasonal rushes, Irish Ferries has from time to time chartered for very short periods ships, which have not really been part of Irish Ferries' fleet.


Table of Contents

  1. M/V Gotland
  2. M/V Leili
  3. M/V Purbeck
  4. M/V Thomas Wehr

M/V Gotland

Gotland has been built built in 1973 for Stena Line, which sold her once completed to Rederi AB Gotland. The ferry has been then chartered to other operators as TT-Line or Moly Line.

Gotland was chartered in March 1988 by Brittany Ferries, on the purpose of operating her on their Ouistreham – Portsmouth. Therefore, she sailed through summer 1988 alongside Duc de Normandie on this service.

Following Brittany Ferries’ charter, Gotland was chartered to Dieppe Feries a few weeks. In late 1988, Gotland was chartered by the Irish Continental Group, and operated by its two subsidiaries Irish Ferries and Belfast Car Ferries; which operated her respectfully on their Rosslare – Cherbourg-en-Cotentin / Le Havre and Belfast – Liverpool services.

After her charter to Irish Continental Line, Gotland was sold to Corsica Ferries in January 1989 which renamed her Corsica Victoria on 3rd February. In 1990, Corsica Victoria was lengthened by 20m, increasing dramatically her capacity (her Tonnage has been multiplied by two). Corsica Victoria is still operated by Corsica Ferries in 2015, alongside her sister ship Sardigna Regina.

Technical Specifications of M/V Gotland
M/V Gotland (1988)
The Ship
Launch  26th November 1973
Shipyard  Jozo Lozovina-Mosor Shipyard (HRV)
Owner Rederi Ab Gotland
Operator Irish Ferries
Routes Rosslare (IRL) -  Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (FRA) | Le Havre (FRA)
IMO 7305253
Technical Specifications
Length 123.86 m
Breadth 20.86 m
Draught 5.01 m
Gross Tonnage 6,642 GT
Engines specifications
Engines British Polar SF116VS-E
Maximum Speed 18.5 knots
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers 1,670 passengers
Garage 300 cars


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M/V Leili

M/V Arrow, M/V Leili's sister ship pictured when leaving Saint-Malo.
M/V Arrow, M/V Leili's sister ship. Picture Antoine H.

Leili is one of four sister ships built in the late-90s by the Spanish shipyard Astillerons de Huelva SA for the Estonian Shipping Company. Therefore, she is a sister of Arrow, a ship which is often chartered by Condor Ferries.

In 2000, Leili was re-registered in Limassol (CYP). On 2nd May 2002, Leili was chartered by Crowley Maritime, and renamed through the charter Port Everglades Express. She was sold in 2004 to Eesti Merelævandus, and registered back in Estonia. Her name reverted to Leili after the end of her charter to Crowley Maritime.

Beginning 2004, Leili was chartered to Norse Merchant Ferries, and operated on their Birkenhead (GBR) – Dublin (IRL) service. Between 5th and 27th January 2005, Leili was subchartered to Irish Ferries, which allocated her on their Rosslae – Pembroke service.

In June 2005, Leili was transferred by Norse Merchant Ferries to their Dublin – Heysham service. In July, Leili was purchased by Elmira Shipping & Trading, which renamed her RR Schield, and re-registered her in Malta. Despite the purchase of Norse Merchant Ferries by Norfolke Line in 2006, RR Schield kept being chartered for service between Dublin and Heysham.

In August 2006, RR Schield was overhauled in Gdansk, prior to her sale to Attica Enterprise in September 2007, which shortened her name to Schield. On 1st October 2008, Schield was sold to Seatruck Ferries, although she remained operated by Norfolke Line.

Her charter to Norfolke Line took end in December 2009, and Schield was chartered by NorthLink Ferries to replace their former RoRo Hascosay. On 10th February 2010, Schield was renamed Hildassay, before being re-registered in 2012 in the Isle of Man.

Technical Specifications of M/V Leili
M/V Lieli (2005)
The Ship
Launch November 1999
Shipyard Asttileros de Huelva SA (ESP)
Owner  Estonian Shipping & Co
Operator Irish Ferries
Routes Rosslare (IRL) - Pembroke (GBR)
IMO 9119426
Technical Specifications
Length 122.23m
Breadth 19.8m
Draught 6.2m
Gross Tonnage 7,606 GT
Net Tonnage 2,282 NT
Deadweight 5,656 DWT
Engines specifications
Engines 2 engines type Wärtsilä SACM UD 2512 VS4
Maximum Speed 17 knots
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers 12 crew
Garage 1,057 lanemeters of garage
88 trailers (@12.00m x 3.00m)


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M/V Purbeck

Coutances, Purbeck's sistership pictured arriving in Poole in her former Truckline livery.
M/V Coutances, M/V Purbeck's sistership. Courtesy Ian BOYLE (Simplon Postcards).

As her sister, Coutances, Purbeck has been built in 1978 in Le Havre for Truckline Ferries which allocated her on their Cherbourg-en-Cotentin- Poole route shortly after her delivery

In 1986, Purbeck was sent in La Rochelle to be lengthened by 20m, increasing her capacity to enable her coping with the growing traffics.

However, Purbeck was replaced in 1992 by Barfleur, and was offered for charter. Purbeck was therefore chartered to Channel Islands Ferries between 1993 and 1994. Between 1994 and 2000, Purbeck has been chartered to Commodore Ferries and by Sally Line.

In 1996, due to the growth of the traffic of Irish Ferries’ Dublin – Holyhead service, Isle of Innisfree (2) proved to be unable coping with it. Therefore, Irish Ferries chartered Purbeck in order to provide an additional freight capacity until the delivery of Isle of Inishmore (2). Purbeck remained in Irish Ferries’ fleet between March and October 1996.

In 1997, Purbeck was chartered to Truckline Ferries for service between Ouistreham and Portsmouth. She was then chartered by Brittany Ferries between 2000 and 2002 for service on the Ouistreham – Portsmouth, to cope with the growing traffic on the route until the delivery of Mont Saint Michel.

In 2006, Purbeck was purchased by Conferry, and renamed Maria Rosaria. Two years later she was joined among Conferry’s fleet by her sister. She is still in service in 2015.

Technical Specifications of M/V Purbeck
M/V Purbeck (1996)
The Ship
Launch 1978
Shipyard Ateliers et Chantiers du Havre (FRA)
Operator Irish Ferries
Routes Holyhead (GBR) - Dublin (IRL)
IMO 7528489
Port of Registry Nassau, Bahamas
Technical Specifications
Length 109.70 m (Before 1986)
125.53 m (Since 1986)
Breadth 17.50 m
Draught 4.26 m
Gross Tonnage 2,736 GT (Before 1986)
6,507 GT (Since 1986)
Engines specifications
Engines 2 engines Krupp MaK type 9M453AK
Power 8,840 kW
Maximum Speed 18 knots
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers 58 passengers
Cabins 58 berths
Garage 64 trailers


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M/V Thomas Wehr

Thomas Wehr as Anglian Way in her Ferryways' livery.
Thomas Wehr as Anglian Way. Courtesy Ian BOYLE (Simplon Postcards).

Thomas Wehr is one of five sister RoRo cargo ships built in the late-70s for Oscar Wehr transport. They were built to be chartered to other operators, and has therefore been chartered to a lot of operators during her career. For instance, Thomas Wehr has been chartered to Stena Line (1978 – 1979) and DFDS Seaways (1985).

in 1992, Thomas Wehr was chartered to Irish Ferries to cope with the growing freight traffic on the Cherbourg-en-Cotentin – Rosslare service. Thomas Wehr has been operated by the Irish company between June and August 1992.

Following this charter, she was laid up, only chartered from time to time to P&O European Ferries.

Thomas Wehr was sold to a Turkish company in April 2010, and renamed Lider Samsun.

Technical Specifications of M/V Thomas Wehr
M/V Thomas Wehr (1992)
The Ship
Launch 1977
Shipyard Rickmers Werft, Bremerhaven (DEU)
Owner Oscar Wehr Transport
Operator Irish Ferries
Routes Cherbourg-en-Cotentin - Rosslare
IMO 7720477
Technical Specifications
Length 141.31m
Breadth 17.43m
Draught 5.23m
Gross Tonnage 7,365 GT
Engines specifications
Engines 2 engines Krupp MaK
Maximum Speed 17.5 knots
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers 12 crew
Garage 1,148 lanemeters


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